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Podcasts are audio files that can be downloaded and listened to by a user. The content can be a range of topics, from music to any interest topic you might have, such as cooking or sports. You can access them most easily through a mobile device, like a smartphone, by downloading them. You can also listen to podcasts on your computer by playing the podcast on the website itself, or by downloading them through iTunes. 

If you have a smartphone, iPhones have a Podcast app that allows you to search for and download podcasts of your choice within it. Both Apple and Android users can download other apps that would also contain podcasts, such as Spotify.

Podcasts with a focus on classrooms and schools are becoming popular in the education world. Many well-known educators have set up their own podcast channel with episodes to listen to.

Step by Step Instructions

Explore one or more of these great educational podcasts: 

To Earn Your Badge

Choose an education-focused podcast (like one above or one you find on your own) to subscribe to and listen to at least one episode. In the submission box, give the name of the podcast you chose, and a brief summary of the episode you listened to.

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