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PicCollage Kids

PicCollage Kids

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Teachers can use PicCollage as a tool for students to create a collage to show their understanding of a variety of concepts.  If students can take a picture using the iPad, then students can import pictures into PicCollage to use for their projects.

You can use PicCollage in numerous ways in any subject.  For example, you can make a T-chart of living and nonliving things and students place pictures in the correct columns.  Students can take pictures of a book to demonstrate examples of story elements.  They can make a digital book report.  In math, students can match number sentences to pictures of math manipulatives.

1)  Students need to take pictures of the items needed for the project. (Ex. objects, manipulatives, book pages, etc)

You may also be able to search for images on the web to use.

2)  Select a grid or freestyle format.  Freestyle allows students to use as many pictures as they want to use.  The grid

is handy if you want to limit the number of photos they can use.

3)  Click the plus to have the toolbox come up.  Here you can select your background, photos, font, and stickers.

Select the background first.

4)  Hit the plus and select photos to bring up the camera roll.  You can select one at a time or multiple photos.

Click the checkmark to add them to the project.

5) Pictures can be sized and moved around to place them correctly.

6) A font can be added to label and describe the photos according to your directions.

7)  Finished projects can be saved to the library, emailed, or if you take a screenshot, it can be added to Seesaw.

Earn Your Badge:

Submit a screenshot of a student’s project on PicCollage and write one or two sentences describing the concept

it represents.

Created by:  Kristy Baumgartner

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