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EDpuzzle Certification

EDpuzzle Certification

2 EDpuzzle Certification

EDpuzzle Certification

With EDpuzzle, you can make any video your lesson in three easy steps: Find a video on YouTube, upload your own or re-use a video lesson created by another teacher. Then, edit the video to create your lesson. Record your voice to personalize it, and hold your students accountable by embedding questions in the video.

Step-by-Step Instructions:

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert-level user of  EDpuzzle, this quest is for you! By going to this link, you can see several different certification areas. They are all free and self-paced so that you can work on your learning as you have time.

To earn your certification:

After successfully completing a certification, submit the link to either the PDF certificate or a link to the image of the EDpuzzle badge you will be given. 

(2 points for each certification earned)


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