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DoInk (iPads)

DoInk (iPads)

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Digital Storytelling is an exciting way for students to present their writing and learning.  Do Ink is an Ipad app that allows you to put your students into the story…literally.  By using a green screen, images can be placed behind students to make their presentations take on a new life of their own.

Steps to create your own simple green screen video:

You will need to hang up some green paper, material, or find a green wall.

  1. Tap the + sign at the top of the screen and select Create a New Project.
  2. When the filming area appears, you will see three gray lines at the bottom.  The very bottom layer is the green screen.  Click the + next to that layer and select the image or video you want to appear in the green areas.
  3. The middle layer will be the area that you can film your student.  Tap the + and select video camera.
  4. To make a nice effective presentation, you really only need the two layers.
  5. The last gray area can be another layer for content like animations or more digital props.  The tutorials can give specific information on using advanced features.
  6. Once the student and photo are in place, hit the record button.  It will count down to prepare the student for the time to start.
  7. When the filming is finished, the video can be saved to the Ipad camera roll and uploaded to any method you have for sharing work.

Follow the Do Ink on twitter @DoInk Tweets to see teachers sharing great ideas about how they use the app.

Video Tutorials can be found on the Do Ink website.

Earn Your Badge:

Submit a link to a student’s video or one of your own!



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