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Twisted Wave

Twisted Wave

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TwistedWave is online cloud-based music editing software similar to Audacity used to edit music files requiring only the Internet.  With TwistedWave, you can crop, combine, fade in/out, speed up, slow down, and combine audio files to meet your audio needs.



Step 1: Login to TwistedWave by visiting, click “Sign In” and “Sign in with Google.”


Step 2: Upload a music file you wish to edit.

Step 3: Experiment with the Effects menu and how you can manipulate your sound file.
Step 4: Export your edited file to Google Drive (click the hard drive icon with the green arrow, then “Send to Google Drive”), be sure to name it so you’ll recognize it–it will be saved in your top Drive directory.

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Step 5:  Share your edited music file with me, or add the link to your shared file below.

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