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Triventy: Collaborative Classroom

Triventy: Collaborative Classroom

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Triventy is a free online tool that allows you to create easy to use formative assessments or reviews that you can do with students in class.  The biggest difference that Triventy has from other online review tools is that it allows for collaborative creation of games and reviews.  This can be great if you work in a team setting (middle school I’m thinking of you!) or if your department wants to work together on something you all can use.  You could also have groups of students create reviews and work together that way.

To earn this badge you must:

  1. Watch the tutorial video above
  2. Then log into  and create an account.
  3. Create and conduct a quiz with your class
  4. Triventy will email you a report after the students have completed the quiz.
  5. From that report you can share your quiz with me or attach a screenshot of your results.

(Created by Sandy Walley)

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