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Trello is a collaborative board that allows you to organize and delegate tasks, much like a to-do list. It allows you to create a “board,” and within that board, sort tasks to be done. You can easily divide up these tasks into pre-made categories of To Do, Doing, and Done. Tasks are written on cards, and these cards are easily transferred from one category to another.










Tasks are written on cards, and detail can be added. Collaborators can also comment or make additions to each task.  These cards are easily transferred from one category to another, so once to “To Do” task is complete, it can be moved to “Done”!













Potential use in the classroom

  • Students can use it to plan extended projects, like research papers, by sorting out the tasks at hand and moving them as each gets completed. They can also share these with their teachers, so teachers know what has been accomplished.
  • For any group project, multiple students can collaborate on the same board to keep track of the different jobs to be done.
  • Status of the Class: Great for times like Writer’s Workshop, where all students can post where in the writing process they are at so the teacher can determine whom to conference with.
  • Weekly classroom “to do” list- though we have great platforms like Google Keep, this allows you to visually sort the To Do and Done

How to set up and use Trello

Earn your badge:

  1. Create a Trello board with at least two different lists, including some cards.
  2. Screenshot your board and send the link.
  3. In addition, write a couple of sentences about how you could personally use this for the classroom.



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