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Symbaloo is a free social bookmarking service in the cloud.  Because the information is stored in the cloud, these bookmarks are accessible from any device, anywhere!

Ways to Use Symbaloo for Teaching and Learning

Symbaloo is a great tool for you and your students to organize digital resources.  It can help teachers and students curate web content and eliminate having to constantly add web links to your websites.  You can create a collection of links in Symbaloo and easily share them by just sharing one link.  Webmixes in Symbaloo can be created on any topic and can even be embedded into websites or blogs.  Symbaloo can be used to create a personal learning environment for your students.  It can be a place where they have tiles for their school email account, blog, social networking sites, school website, etc.  They can also use Symbaloo to curate content for research or classroom projects.  Tiles can be websites, but they can also be Youtube videos, Prezi presentations, and Google Doc links.  With Symbaloo, the possibilities are endless!



Earn Your Badge!

Create a Symbaloo to integrate into your instruction or have your students create one; be sure your submission includes at least 10 tiles.  Submit your activity below.

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