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Storyboard That

Storyboard That

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Storyboard That is a graphic organizer and storyboard creator that reinforces English and history concepts in elementary school and beyond. Versatile materials and drag-and-drop technology make this program applicable across grade levels. Educators can also use this program to enhance understanding through visual learning.


This video will give a brief overview of how to create storyboards and comic strips using Storyboard That, a free web application. Amanda Franklin demonstrates how to make a storyboard for To Kill A Mockingbird.(Recorded with

Here are the basics of getting started with Storyboard That! It’s a fantastic tool for creating scenes and letting the visualize what they’re learning.

Looking for ideas? Check out these High School ELA Samples.

Earn this badge:

  1. Create an account at
  2. Create a storyboard to integrate into your instruction or have your students create one.  
  3. Attach a screenshot of your storyboard (or a student’s) along with one sentence explaining the assignment.



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