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What is Recap?

Recap is a free response and reflection app that lets you see how students learn. Recap provides teachers with new, creative ways to gather evidence of student thinking using video. It helps create new learning connections between students, parents and teachers, and foster more transformative dialogue by everyone. It is a great tool for ticket out the door or a class assignment students can complete on their own time.  Great for any age! (

Introductory Video

This video by Gillian Daly provides step by step instructions on how to set up a Recap.

Earn Your Badge!

  1. Go to
  2. Sign up as a teacher using your Google account.
  3. Add a class
  4. Create New Recap – type or record question(s).
  5. Have students join using Google.
  6. Give students a code.
  7. Select a class and click on the home screen.
  8. Submit a screenshot of your Recap Dashboard.


(Created by Cyndi Roach)


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