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Read Write Think

Read Write Think

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Go to
There are four tabs at the top for you to choose from:
Classroom Resources- Contains lesson plans, student interactives, printouts,
Calendar activities, and booklists.

Professional Development- Contains information about professional development
Opportunities online and in the community, as well as instructional strategy guides
And professional library listing books and journals.

Videos- Where you can learn more about the Read Write Think site.

Parents & Afterschool Resources- Where you can find activities, games, printouts,
And how-to materials for out-of-school use.

Click on the tab or search for what you would like to find, such as “graphic organizers”, “Bio-cube”, “Timeline”, etc.

You can either click on “Get Started” or you can share or email the interactive, printout, or game to your students!


Earn Your Badge:

Take a screenshot of what teacher created or student created.  If teacher created, explain how it was used in the class.  If student created, explain the assignment.

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