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Popplet is a tool for the iPad and web to capture and organize your ideas.


You can create a free account with full access to features and the ability to create 10 Popplets.


To get started, press the “make a new popplet” button.


Double click anywhere on the screen to open up a new bubble.  (You can type text, change the bubble color, make a drawing or add pictures/youtube videos using the tools within the bubble.)


To create a new bubble, double click another area of the screen.


You can change the size of each bubble by dragging the corner.


You can connect bubbles together by dragging the gray circles.


You can simultaneously collaborate with others if they have a free account as well. Press the share button to give access for collaboration.


You can also export the map into a picture or pdf by clicking the cog and selecting export.


Create a Popplet for use in your classroom and export it as a jpeg or pdf and upload that file.


(Created by David Eades)




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