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Planboard by (Online Planbook)

Planboard by (Online Planbook)

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This is an online lesson plan book that is great for keeping your plans organized, and if you use your Gmail account, it will sync with Drive.  Once you set up an account, you can easily set up plans from your computer or your phone.  They can be accessed online, emailed to a co-worker, or printed out for a sub.  Plus, it allows you to link all materials you need, so everything you need for each lesson is just a click away and all neatly organized together.

Earn Your Badge:

  1. Create a profile and set up your class schedule using your google account.
  2. Set up all the subjects you teach.  ( will run you through a tutorial)
  3. Go to planboard and plan a day of lessons.  (You can change the view from a day, to week, or a month)
  4. Insert a link to a video or webpage you need for that day’s lesson.  
  5. Attach a pdf of your lessons by downloading the pdf.  To get the pdf, look for this image in the upper right-hand corner of your screen.

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