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OSMO Words

OSMO Words

2 default point


  1. Connect to the MyOsmo website.  You must create a teacher account.
  2. Click on “My Words” icon.
  3. Press the “My Albums” tab.
  4. Press “Create New.”  Title your album.
  5. Click “Add Image.”  Upload your photos (you can do multiple at one time).
  6. Time to add words.  Tap on an image and hit “edit.”  Tip:  Provide hints to the players by surrounding the letter in parenthesis.
  7. Select image difficulty.
  8. Crop picture.  Click “Save.”
  9. If appropriate, make album public for the community by publishing.  Osmo staff will evaluate and decide whether to make your album public or not.
  10. Download your album and have fun playing!

Earn this Badge:

Submit a screenshot of a student playing the Osmo Words game you created.

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