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“New” Google Sites

“New” Google Sites

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New Google Sites

Use the new Google sites to create a website you can share with parents or students. The site can be an overview of your class, about a certain topic, or a resource for student use. You can even have your students create websites to share information on certain topics or for certain projects. The new Google Sites allows you to embed Youtube videos, Google Docs, Google Slides, images, links, and more!

Video Tutorial

To Create a Google Site:

  • Go to the
  • Click on the red plus button in the bottom right corner to create a new site.
  • This will open up your new site on the homepage. Give your site a name (in the top left corner).

  • Next, you will want to give your homepage a title. Click on “Your Page Title” and enter the title you would like.

  • You can change the theme and coloring of the homepage by clicking on themes and choosing a different version.

  • You can use the insert tools on the right to add things to your homepage. You can add a textbox, image, or embed a URL. You can also add dividers. You can even embed items from your Drive account, a Youtube video, a google calendar with dates or assignments, or map. You can also specifically pick slides, docs, forms, or charts or sheets to embed.

  • You can add different pages to your website by simply clicking on the page tab on the left. You then click on the add button and create a new name for your page. This will take you directly to your page. You can then use the insert tools and change the theme (just like the homepage).

  • When your website has all the elements you would like, you can publish it by clicking on publish. Follow the directions for who can view the site. You can also get a shareable link to your website.

To Earn Your Badge:

Submit the published link to your website. Make sure your permissions are set for public viewing or Anyone at Jackson R2 – depending on your site’s purpose.


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