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Mind Meister

Mind Meister

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This is a mind mapping app that can be used both in the classroom and at home to help students develop higher level thinking skills by helping them to:

  • See How Various Topics Relate to One Another
  • Take Insightful Notes
  • Engage and Collaborate With Other Students
  • Break Complex Concepts Down Into Simpler Chunks
  • Present Their Thoughts And Ideas to Others
Critical Thinking Areas Covered: Strategizing and Collaborating, Analyzing, and Drawing Conclusions
Getting Started in MindMeister:

In this tutorial, you will learn the basics of mind mapping with MindMeister. We will show you how to sign in, generate a new mind map, create your first topics and how to use some of the shortcuts.

In this tutorial video , ou will learn how to add themes and styles to create very nice looking mind maps. We will show you how to customize your own themes, select from preset themes, use boundaries, generate connections between topics and create floating topic

In this tutorial video, you will learn how to create a presentation from your ideas in MindMeister. We will show you how to create multiple slides, how to use shortcuts and set transitions to generate a compelling slideshow.


This is just a start. MindMeister has several instructional videos:

MindMeister Tutorial 5 – Adding Notes, Links and Files

Creating a Mindmap on Google Drive using MindMeister

MindMeister & MeisterTask: How to turn your ideas into action

To Earn this Badge:

1. Create an account in MindMeister
2. Create a new mind map for personal use or for the classroom. You can also have your students create mind maps.
3. Generate a link to share (for instruction on how to share, here’s a video with sharing instructions. 


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