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Make and Edit Videos Online Using WeVideo

Make and Edit Videos Online Using WeVideo

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WeVideo is an online video editor and maker found at  WeVideo can also be downloaded from the Google Chrome Web Store.

Ways to Use WeVideo for Teaching and Learning

Online video projects are a great way to encourage student creativity and storytelling, as well as increase student involvement. Media engages today’s digital native. Video creation projects enable engaged learning and develop 21st century skills.


21st Century Skills

Interdisciplinary teamwork is the nature of complex problem solving. Project-Based Learning (PBL) is a real-world lab where students become producers of knowledge by exploring topics in depth, rather than passive consumers.

WeVideo is all about PBL where students collaborate on creating video projects to build multimedia presentations and thereby addressing 21st Century Skills. Instead of reading history from a textbook, students can be historians as they make a documentary about an historical event. As they engage in building the documentary, they can construct deep knowledge about the topic.

Earn Your Badge

Create a movie on WeVideo that you will use with your classes and submit the link for it, or have students create a movie using WeVideo and submit a link to their project below.

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