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littleBits make it easy for both teachers and students to engage in STEAM by using a universal, 21st-century language: electronic building blocks. We are surrounded by technology every day and yet have little idea how it works or how to create with it. littleBits changes that.

  1. Check out a littleBits set from the library along with a teacher’s guide, STEAM guide, or librarian’s guide.
  2. Become familiar with littleBits.  The Bits are designed to snap together, end to end, to create a complete circuit.
  3. The order is important. Watch the video above to introduce yourself to littleBits.
  4. Developing a degree of familiarity with littleBits will help you envision how to use them with students.  Guided Challenges are the easiest way to get started with littleBits challenges. These challenges walk you through step-by-step instructions, and challenge students to put their own twist on each invention. We recommend students complete at least one of these Guided Challenges before moving on to the Open Challenges. Time for you to try at least one Guided Challenge yourself! Who knows, you may Create an innovative prototype that you can show off to your class. The Invention Guide includes four Guided Challenges: • Challenge 01: Invent a Self-Driving Vehicle • Challenge 02: Invent an Art Machine • Challenge 03: Invent a Throwing Arm • Challenge 04: Invent a Security Device This Teacher’s Guide includes four lessons that correspond to the four Guided Challenges.
  5. Upload a picture/video of your completed challenge and explain how you could use this with your students.
  6. Further resources can be found at

Earn Your Badge:

Submit a screenshot or upload your hyperlink (using the “chain” link) to your video showing your completed challenge and explain how you used this with your students.


Created by:  Liz Murphy


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