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Kahoot Jumble

Kahoot Jumble

1 default point

Create a K! Jumble

  • Under Create a new Kahoot, Click on the ‘Jumble’ icon (yellow circle with puzzle piece).
  • Give your K! Jumble a title and a description.
  • Answer the drop-down menu questions (Visible to, Language, and Audience)
  • Enter image for your Jumble, then click green Ok, go button in the upper right corner.
  • Create Jumble kahoot questions asking students to put 4 answers in order (for example: plot, sequencing, ordering fractions, alphabetizing).  Enter the answers in the correct order; they will be scrambled for you during the game.

To Earn Your Badge:

Attach a screenshot of your “jumble” results after the students play the game.

Created by Stephanie Johnston (Hancock)

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