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Create an Original HyperDoc

Create an Original HyperDoc

4 default point

A HyperDoc is a transformative, interactive Google Document that replaces the standard worksheet method of delivering instruction, adding innovation and inquiry-based learning methods. -L. Highfill (2014)


As you will see in the video below:

  • HyperDocs utilize instructions, web links, graphic organizers, and other tools to help students to complete their tasks.
  • HyperDocs can be used in class to help teachers balance between instruction and discussion, and they can help teachers to “flip” classwork.
  • HyperDocs can be used to build a collaborative experience between students or among small or large groups.

HyperDocs can definitely be used for all ages.  In the video below, Mr. Ward shows how he uses HyperDocs to teach myths to his third-grade class. This video on HyperDocs is a little longer; however, it is worth the time if you want a clear informative lesson on how to create your own HyperDoc. This video describes what a HyperDoc is and what you can use it for.  Find out how to create, share, and access your HyperDoc.  


In this video, Ben Sondgeroth, a government teacher, explains the process and reasoning behind using HyperDocs in the classroom, with a focus on how it can transform student learning.  


In this video, Shawn Beard, demonstrates how he teaches the basics of cell theory using HyperDocs.


Earn This Badge:

To earn this badge, create an original lesson using HyperDocs. (To earn 4 points, one cannot use a previously made Hyperdoc – There is another badge for this).  Submit the link to your lesson as a hyperlink in the submission box – remember to share so that Anyone in Jackson R2 can view. Include a short reflection on how this lesson went, and what (if anything) you might change next time.


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