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Goose Chase

Goose Chase

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Goose Chase

Goose Chase EDU is an “educational scavenger hunt for the 21st century”. It can be used for many types of scavenger hunts, but is applicable to the classroom and could be used for staff PD and review games.

Video Tutorial

Step by Step Instructions

  1. Once logged in, you will create a game.
  2. Within that game, you create a mission to do, and ways to answer that mission, for a certain number of points. Missions can be any type of question, from ones that you create tailored to your need or you can choose from missions already created. You can also attach images and links in your question. Submission types available are photo/video upload, GPS location check-ins, and text-based submissions.
  3. For others to participate in your Goose Chase, you would need to have the app downloaded on a device like an iPad or iPhone. You can have up to 5 teams with the free edition, and you can choose the duration of the game.
  4. Students will log in as “guests” with your game code, and join a team that you set up.
  5. As the game is being played, you can moderate. As students submit their evidence, you can add or subtract points, and even delete entire submissions. As students play, it keeps track of their scores and rankings.

To Earn Your Badge

  1. Create an account on Goose Chase EDU and create a game with at least 8 missions to be completed.
  2. Submit a shareable link to your Goose Chase (make sure you share so that Anyone in Jackson R2 Schools with the link can view).

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