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Google Expeditions

Google Expeditions

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Google Expeditions is a virtual-reality teaching tool. You can swim with sharks, visit outer space, walk through a museum, and more without leaving the classroom. There are close to 500 expeditions available and more in development.


To Earn your Badge:

    1. Prior to completing this activity, contact Danna Bruns or Brandon Brazel to borrow the Google Expeditions Router. You will need this specific router to let your students access the expedition you want on the day you have chosen to do this activity.
    2. Make sure the expedition app is downloaded onto the iPads prior to completing this activity.
    3. On the normal Jackson network, choose to be a Guide, download the Expedition you want to take your class on.  Then switch over to the new router network (Jr2expedition) on your device. Have the students switch their devices over to the Expeditions router as Explorers.
    4. Take your students on the Expedition.
    5. In the submission box, give the name of the Expedition you took and your thoughts about leading the expedition; in the attachment box, submit a picture of one of your students with their device during the activity.

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