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GoMath Personal Math Trainer Online Student Lessons

GoMath Personal Math Trainer Online Student Lessons

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GoMath online student lessons (Abbreviated through GoMath as PMT: Personal Math Trainer)  are a set of questions that students answer based on the lesson number that correlates with the book. For example, if I taught lesson 1.4 from the GoMath book, I would assign PMT lesson 1.2. It would be the same question types that they saw on the pencil paper math journal, but online. Within these online lessons, there are tools with each question to help them develop more independent thinking skills; there is a “step by step” button, “view examples” button, and with some questions, there is a  “video” link button to help them review examples and transfer that knowledge to the question they are on. The video links are the “Math on the Spot” videos you can use with whole class instruction and review (discussed in the GoMath Instruction Badge).


Earn your badge:

  1. Login to your GoMath Account
  2. Click “Manage Classes” in the top left corner.  









3. Click “Add Class” then complete the form and click “Assign Students” at the bottom right corner.














4. Choose YOUR students from the list on the left to assign them to your class.Then click












5. Once you have your class, on the top bar click “Assignments” Then click “Add-Activity”










6. In the search box, type “PMT” followed by the number of the lesson you want the Personal Math Trainer for. (examples PMT 1.2)



  1. Once you have found the item you want, click assign. Then pick your class.
  2. Attach the reports from the “Reports” tab or a photo of your class using the online lesson.

(Submitted by Kimber Parks)









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