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Digital Badges in Professional Learning

2 default point is a tool for creating all kinds of interactive resources. They provide many templates ranging from E-Posters to Electronic Resumes to Infographics to Presentations. The possibilities are endless for education.

You can learn more on their Facebook page–

You can register using your Google login, so it’s quick and easy (you do have to confirm your email address). A free account allows you to create unlimited creations, but they must be viewed in a browser on their site (cannot download them). Since they are interactive and can include video, that works just perfectly.  This works well on Chromebooks as well as desktop computers.

Video Demonstration


Earn Your Badge!  

  1. Create an assignment for your students that this website could be used for that utilizes interactivity, video, and animation.
  2. In the input box below, write about your project, what class you are using the tool in, and include a hyperlink (be sure to link it using the chain icon) to a project created by one of your students.

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