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Flat (Music Teachers)

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Flat is an online sheet music editor that allows you to create and listen to your own music, collaborate with other users, and share your compositions.  It is 100% cloud-based and integrates seamlessly with Google Drive and Classroom.  Flat for Education (used to be free for unlimited classes, now it’s not 💔 but you still get one free) even allows you to import classes from Google Classroom and create Assignments on Google Classroom using Flat Compositions instead of only Google Apps.


Step 1:  Navigate to

Step 2: Click Sign-up with Google

Step 3: Create a new score

Step 4: Title your masterpiece

Step 5: Choose your instruments then click “Create”

Step 6: Construct at least 5 measures. Add notes, rests, articulations, ornaments, and dynamics as needed.  Add lyrics and chord symbols if you like.

Step 7: Listen to your opus

Step 8: Share the link so that Anyone in Jackson R2 schools with the Link can View.


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Created by Steve Elford

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