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Flash Card Factory (Pear Deck)

Flash Card Factory (Pear Deck)

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Flashcard Factory is a fun, collaborative, and interactive way to take basic vocabulary/definition memorization and make the learning authentic for students.

Video Tutorial:

  1. First, go to PearDeck ( and create a new Vocabulary List. You will need to have terms from your unit and their definitions to enter.
  2. Once created, have students join. Their screen will look like this:












  1. Production Phase: Students will automatically be put into 2 teams, a Day Shift, and Night Shift, and you start the “game”. They work with their small groups to draw and write an example for each word:
























  1. Quality Control: Once students are finished, you click on Quality Control. This is where you can discuss the examples, and students can vote on all of the different cards presented. The cards from the “shift” that have the most votes wins.
  2. Shipping: You can export the class-made cards to Quizlet, and students can practice these on their own.

    Earn your Badge:

    Hyperlink the Quizlet set from the cards that your students created.

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