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Digital Badges in Professional Learning



3 Edulastic


Edulastic is an interactive formative assessment tool, where teachers can create self-graded questions, or choose from a vast online bank of questions for many subjects. There are also assessments pre-approved by Edulastic already made for previewing and use.

It also provides immediate feedback to students and teachers to use the data for their chosen purpose.

Step by Step Directions

Video link for step-by-step directions.

  1. Go to and join for free.
  2. Set up a class and create your first assignment.
  3. There are options for students to join your class:

a. Syncing with Google Classroom

b. Manually entering emails/names

c. Having students sign up with a class code

4. Have students complete an assessment.

To Earn Your Badge

Send a screenshot of your assessment results.

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