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Dotstorming is a free tool for collaboratively creating a brainstorming board and voting on ideas that people share on the board. It is a great tool for students to share work, communicate, and provide feedback.

Get Started in 4 simple steps:

  • Step 1 – Create a Dotstorming board
  • Step 2 – Invite participants
  • Step 3 – Add your ideas
  • Step 4 – Vote on the ideas you like


“On Dotstorming you can create a space for people to post digital sticky notes. Those notes can contain text and or images. That part of Dotstorming is just like Padlet. What makes Dotstorming different is that once the notes are posted, you can have people vote for their favorite notes. As the creator of a Dotstorming space, you can restrict the number of votes that each person can cast. For example, you could say that each person gets two votes and once those votes are cast they’re prevented from casting any more votes. After the voting is completed, you can sort the notes according to the number of votes they received.”


Applications for Education

“Dotstorming could be a good platform on which to host brainstorming sessions with your students. It could also be a good platform on which you gather students’ thoughts about a question or problem statement. Post set of answer choices for your students and have them vote for the answer that they think is correct. You can have them use the chat function in Dotstorming to discuss the answer choices before, during, or after voting.”

Richard Byrne – How to host a brainstorming session on

Earn this badge:

  • Create an account in Dotstorming
  • Create a board, personal or for your students. Submit a screenshot of your board, including responses.  

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