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Dot & Dash – Introduction

Dot & Dash – Introduction

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Dash and Dot are interactive, kid-friendly robots that help students learn about and practice fundamental coding practices. Dash and Dot provide students with a hands-on approach to learning. Almost any subject can incorporate the use of Dash and Dot. These robots get students predicting, problem-solving and analyzing results.

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Earn your badge

  1. Check out a Dash and Dot from Digital Specialist (Brazel/Bruns)
  2. Load the Dash and Dot app onto an iPad or similar device.
  3. Create a lesson for an individual or whole group activity. Lessons should include student interaction with Dash and/or Dot. Or use a pre-made lesson from the MakeWonder website.
  4. Record a video or photo of students working with Dash/Dot. Attach your recording or photo to your submission.
  5. Ask students to share their thought about Dash and Dot’s visit to the classroom. Type at least 2 student comments in the submission box.
  6. Add your thoughts about introducing Dash and Dot to your classroom in the submission box.

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