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Digital Badges in Professional Learning

Digital Leader

Digital Leader

5 default point

Are you knowledgeable about a web-based tool?  Share that knowledge with your fellow educators by contributing a screencast or assignment to this website.  For your contribution, earn a Digital Leader Badge!

Earn your Badge:

To earn this badge you need to submit an assignment to be added to this website.  Create a Google Doc with all the information needed to create a new badge:

  1. Name of Tech tool
  2. Number of points the badge is worth (keep in mind the amount of time spent completing the required steps, how many points comparable badges are worth, etc.
  3. Written description of the tool and possible educational applications for its use in the classroom.
  4. Video tutorial (found online or created by you)
  5. Steps necessary to earn the badge, accompanied by screenshots, if helpful.
  6. Submit your shareable link via this Google Form.

Please note, if someone else has put in the same submission, I will take the one that was submitted first.  You can email me before filling out all the paperwork with your idea to see if someone else is working on it if you would like.

Points earned for this badge will vary; minimum of 5 points, but can be worth as much as 10 points.


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