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Connect Using Twitter

Connect Using Twitter

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Twitter is a service that allows for 140 character messages or “tweets.” These can be thoughts, links to interesting content, images—whatever you’re interested in sharing.  Twitter allows users to create professional learning networks (PLN).  Twitter is without a doubt the best way to share and discover what is happening right now in education and the wider world.

Ways to Use Twitter for Teaching and Learning

1. Give your students (or parents) your ‘teacher’ Twitter account URL. You can use this to communicate reminders about homework or tests. (Users don’t need a Twitter account to see your tweets.)

2. Have students reply to return questions to the teacher. This allows everyone to see the questions and the responses!

3. Have students create a Twitter account for a character in a novel or a historical figure to demonstrate understanding and provide further perspective.

4. Participate in Twitter chats to connect and communicate with people in your field. See this list for popular education Twitter chats.

Click here for 50 ways to use Twitter for teaching and learning.

Earn Your Badge!

Submit your Twitter Handle (i.e. @NMHS_lms) and give an example of how you plan to integrate Twitter into your instruction

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