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Canvas Rubrics

Canvas Rubrics

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Canvas Grading Rubrics

If you are utilizing Canvas LMS, you are already familiar with the power it provides to save paper, give students feedback, and keep your classroom organized. A powerful feature within Canvas assignments is the creation of rubrics. With rubrics, you can easily click to assign ratings for scoring categories, provide written feedback, and automatically tally the score.


Watch this video to see how to use the rubric feature with an assignment in Canvas.

Earn Your Badge!

  1. Create an assignment in Canvas with at least 5 scoring criteria and attach a relevant rubric.
  2. Create a screen capture of the assignment with the attached rubric.
  3. Upload PDF attachment as evidence of completion.
  4. In the input box below, write about what class you are using this rubric for and how it will help provide students relevant feedback for improvement.

(Submitted by Tonya Skinner)

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