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This game allows students to use critical thinking and collaboration in order to accomplish a goal! Based on an escape room, students must work together to open a series of locks to open the Breakout box. Teachers use the online resource to find ideas and to help set up the game for students to play.

  1. Go to and click “Learn More”.
  2. Go to Games to find a game you would like to play in your classroom. Contact your librarian/principal to obtain the box and the code to enter the games.
  3. Read through the directions/materials necessary and prepare the materials.
  4. Reset the locks to the new codes needed for the game you chose. This site is useful to help:
  5. Set up and play the game with your students! Don’t forget to take pictures to show that you completed the game!

Earn Your Badge:

In the submission box, list the title of the game played and a sentence or two describing a struggle that students faced. Then attach some pictures showing students playing the game.

Created by Lillian Rutledge

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