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BreakoutEDU – Create your own game

BreakoutEDU – Create your own game

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Description: Designing a BreakoutEDU game is a challenge! But the great thing is, when you’ve finished them, there are students and teachers all over the country who will play your game! BreakoutEDU games have many different types of elements.


Step 1: Follow this presentation

Step 2: Design and Plan your game – Start here for the Breakout EDU Game Template.

You can also check out some of the games for inspiration.

Step 3: Setup your game

Get locks and boxes from the Library/Principal. Get someone else to try to setup and solve your game, if you can.

Step 4: Facilitate your game with others

If you want to submit your game to the game store for review, click here. 

Happy designing!


How are you going to make a unique game? What’s the story going to be?  How will it relate to your curriculum?

Should you get more or different unique locks for your game? Can you make your own locks? Like this:

Some tips along the way:  We suggest creating a “demo video” of your game. Why? This helps others that might want to run your game and also describes the setup of your game.

Earn Your Badges:  When you’ve facilitated your game, submit a link to your game template (be sure to share a link that anyone at Jackson R2 Schools can view) and attach a picture of a group completing your game!



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