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Many students already use Snapchat on a daily basis. Why not harness its power for reflecting on reading? Book Snaps are simple. Students use the app (or Google Slides) to annotate and reflect on the text. They can add pictures, backgrounds, and effects to personalize and make it fun. Dave Burgess suggests that Book Snaps allow you to “have students or staff make their learning and thinking VISIBLE by creating powerful reflections of their reading.”



















BookSnap Made using Google Slides

























BookBanp Made using Snapchat

Here are just a few ways Book Snaps can be used in the classroom:

  • To cite evidence in response to a question
  • To annotate parts of the text students find interesting
  • To demonstrate connections they make to the text
  • To describe the steps in solving a problem
  • To create a visual representation of a text to aid in memory retrieval

There are multiple ways to create Book Snaps. Here are two to get you started.

Video Tutorial Using Snapchat

(If you choose this method, DO NOT follow students or allow them to follow you on Snapchat. Instead, have them create the snap and then screenshot it and send it to you through email or by posting it to a padlet or collaborative Google Slides Presentation.)


Video tutorial using Google Drawings or Slides

*Videos courtesy of Tara M. Martin. See her site for lots of great examples and more tutorials.

Earn your badge:

  • Use Snapchat or Google Drawings/Slides to create a model book snap for your students.
  • Have students create their own book snaps and submit them to you.
  • Choose your three favorite submissions and insert them into a Slides presentation.
  • Submit the link to your Slides presentation in the submission box.


























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