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Biteable is a web-based tool that allows you to create beautiful explainer videos that you can easily add to your classroom to share with your students and make your lessons more interesting and engaging. You can even make an animated infographic online. There are tons of very cool templates!


If you choose a template, it’s quite self-explanatory, but not very customizable. You can upload your own images, type in text and choose fonts, and after your slides are created, you can choose a color scheme and audio (they provide music or you can upload your own). Images that you upload need to be PNGs, JPEGs or GIFs less than 3MB.


Exporting (building the scene) the finished product does take a good amount of time.

Supporting Documents/Videos:

More Detailed Tutorial:

Earn Your Badge!  

  1. Create an account at Biteable– (Use the Google Plus button)
  2. Create a video using one of the templates provided or create a video from scratch that can be used to illustrate a topic in your classroom or to showcase work; or create an example of a project a student could complete for your class
  3. Publish your video
  4. In the input box below, write about what class you can use this activity for and a hyperlink to your published video (be sure it’s the Publish link on the Publish page)




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