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Anchor FM

Anchor FM

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Anchor FM

Anchor is a platform for recording podcasts via computer or smart phone. Hosts can invite others and share uploads easily to major platforms. Teachers can share what is happening in their rooms or school. Students can record explanations of assignments or their learning.

Step by Step Instructions

  1. Log in to Anchor.FM 
  2. Sign up and create an account
  3. Make your first episode by clicking on the “Let’s Do It” button.


4. Follow directions as Anchor leads you through your first recording. Click “Record” to record a new segment. You can also upload previous recordings (whether from Flipgrid, voice memos, or other audio files on the right.


5. Click the + button to load your recording on the right. If you do not like it, you can remove it using the three dots as shown in the picture below.

6. To record a new segment, on the left click “New Recording”, “Record New Segment”, and “start recording”.

7. Add the recording to your queue on the right by clicking the plus button.

8. Using the tabs on the left you can upload call in messages, previous audio from other episodes, and transitions.  Add a transition to your new podcast. 

9. You can rearrange segments or edit them in the queue on the right.  Put the transition in between the two segments you recorded. Continue to add as much as you would like.

10. When you are ready, save the episode.

To Earn Your Badge

  1. Preview the episode before fully publishing.
  2. Fill out the information and publish.
  3. Copy the URL and share for submission.
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