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Alexa in the Classroom

Alexa in the Classroom

1 Alexa in the Classroom

Alexa in the Classroom

You might have a voice-assisted device such as an Echo Dot or Alexa Tower in your home, but have you ever thought of adding one to your classroom? There are many ways you can use Alexa as an addition to what you’re already doing each day.

There are some great lists going around for how some teachers already use it, which you can find here and here. However, you can also create your own skills using Amazon Blueprints. There are some great skills already created, but it’s super easy to create your own as well!

Step by Step Instructions

Either use your own, already-created account, OR (my preference) create a new account using your email. It’s FREE to create an account, and you don’t have to have Amazon Prime to access features. 

To Earn Your Badge

  1. Set up an Alexa-enabled device in your classroom. You can get them at a semi-affordable price on Amazon.
  2. Try out a skill with your class that’s related to learning and teaching (not just asking her to play music).
  3. Write a short paragraph about what you did in the submission box below. If you created your own skill, please also include the shareable link to which someone could access the skill.
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