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TodaysMeet is the premier backchannel chat platform for classroom teachers and learners. Designed for teachers, TodaysMeet takes great care to respect the needs and privacy of students while giving educators the tools for success.



To create a room, just go to, give your room a name (let’s say we named it “science112” … no spaces, periods or certain other characters). Decide when it closes (i.e. how long you want it to exist). Then click “Create your room.”


That’s it! Your TodaysMeet room is created.


You can immediately share the URL to the room (in our science112 example, the room we would create is and start the conversation. Just join the room, type your name and you’re ready to post a message in the room.


Each message has a 140-character limit, so be concise. (Or just type multiple messages.)


Under room tools, you can easily get a QR code or embed link to share the room. You can also access a transcript of the entire class conversation while the room is still open.


***Keep in mind, you can open up a room with or without a account. If you don’t set up an account, you will not have easy access to all open conversations. If you want access to your saved conversation transcripts, you must pay a subscription fee of $5.00 a month. Transcripts are available for free as long as the room is still open.


The possibilities of using this tool in your classroom are limitless.


Here are some examples of how can benefit a teacher.


  1. Have a conversation with students.
  2. Share links.
  3. Ask questions.
  4. Give examples.
  5. Take a poll.
  6. Check for understanding.
  7. Gather feedback.
  8. Gather anonymous feedback.
  9. Create “rotating stories.”
  10. Discuss an event.
  11. Hold online office hours.
  12. Connect with other classrooms.
  13. Facilitate group projects.

Earn Your Badge:

Take a screenshot of your class conversation or submit a transcript of the conversation.

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