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In addition to offering users most of the common features available in other spreadsheet programs, Google Sheets also offers specific online benefits – sharing spreadsheet documents, online storage, shared, real-time editing over the Internet, and, most recently, offline access to files.

This is lesson one, not highly entertaining, but he does explain basic functions and has follow-up lessons in which do get more detailed and show more options within Google Sheets.

Google Sheets Badge Demo:

Click on link above and follow the instructions below.  If all goes well, your document should look the same as the document shown at the end of the steps.


  1. Make of copy of the google sheet so you are able to modify the sheet
  2. Click the top left corner so the entire sheet is selected and change font size to 14 for all entries.


3. With all cells still highlighted, Double click the line between columns A and B. This will expand all the columns to width of all entries.

4. With all cells still highlighted, click on the center icon to center all data entries.


5. Click on Column B, change the font color to dark blue.

6. Select columns N and O.  To expand their decimal places to the thousandth, keep clicking this button until reached.

Now expand the columns like earlier to make them fit.






7. Now let’s add some of the data together to get totals.  Select Cell E2 through E13 (vertical column), then click on the following Icon and select SUM, then hit enter.


 8. Repeat this for data in columns F, K, and L.

9. Now let’s AVERAGE some of the data.  Select Cell N2 through N13 (vertical column), then click on the following Icon and select AVERAGE, then hit enter.

10. Click the top left corner to select all of the sheet and make the columns fit the data to make them easier to see as we did earlier. (Once whole document is highlighted, pick any line between columns and double click.)

11. Let’s highlight the totals in yellow.  Click the cell, then select Fill color tab, choose color.

12. Let’s check your spreadsheet against the final version:

13. Add your name to the title of the Sheet, Set sharing so that Anyone in JR2 can view and submit your link.

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