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Epic! Is an online database of books and articles for students. Students click interests and grade level, and the database uses this to give them book recommendations. Students can read the books, or have the website read to them. Teachers can view books read by students and check quiz results as well.

  1. Go to
  2. Create a free teacher account by clicking the Educators link in the top left corner and then Sign in with Google!
  3. The program will walk you through setting up your grade level preferences and adding profiles for your students.
  4. Have students use their profile to read books, have books read to them, and take quizzes (on either Chromebooks or tablets).
  5. You can let students browse the whole collection of books on their own, OR assign them a “collection” to browse that you have made and assigned to them.

Earn Your Badge:

Create an Epic! account and attach a screenshot of EITHER the online collection you create for your students OR of student activity viewed through the teacher “Dashboard”.


Created by:  Lori Mayer (Hancock)






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